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'Scarlet Tide' video

During a live performance on the Today Show (July 21, 2005), Costello expressed his feelings about the Iraq War by changing the lyrics of his Oscar-nominated song (from "Cold Mountain"), "Scarlet Tide." (watch the video). Later, he explained what he did, saying, "At 2 a.m. on the 21st July, I woke up and re-wrote a few lines of 'The Scarlet Tide' to reflect the frustration that I sense with the disastrous and dishonest prosecution of a war, an action that might have been thought treasonous in saner times."

The original lyrics are:

Man has no choice,
When he wants everything.

The rewritten lyrics are:

Admit you lied,
And bring the boys back home.

Other EC video performances

Check out this energetic 2005 live performance of "Peace, Love, and Understanding" from the "Club Date: Live in Memphis" DVD on iFilm.

From the same Memphis DVD, here's "Alison-Suspicious Minds."

Here's a cheesy, late '70s music video of "Pump It Up."

Another late '70s music video: "Radio, Radio."

Some cool live audio

Here are some rare, live Elvis Costello performances.

Accidents Will Happen
Alison (Bridge School Concerts) recommended
All This Useless Beauty (Conan) recommended
Baby Plays Around
God Only Knows (with Brodsky Quartet) recommended
Chelsea (fast)
Everyday I Write the Book (Woodstock)
Girl's Talk
I Stand Accused ('79)
I Want You (London)
Less Than Zero (Dallas version) recommended
Lipstick Vogue
Little Atoms (acoustic)
Man Out of Time recommended
Mystery Dance
No Action
Oliver's Army (acoustic)


- Elvis stuff you might not have known

The Attractions became The Imposters

Who are "The Imposters"? - The Attractions became The Imposters when bassist Bruce Thomas (top left) left the band after a series of some rather vague rifts between Thomas and the drummer, Pete Thomas (no relation, top right photo). Costello and Bruce Thomas also apparently had a falling out. Bruce Thomas was replaced by Davey Faragher (bottom left). Bottom right is keyboard man Steve Nieve ("nih-EVE").

Costello in 2004 described the difference between Bruce Thomas and Davey Faragher, saying that Thomas was a talented bass guitar player, but that Faragher had a deeper understanding of the role that bass plays in all music.

Even though the original bass player left The Attractions, the other two original members -- keyboardist Steve Nieve and drummer Pete Thomas -- continue to play with Costello. And, Nieve and Costello have done two-man shows many times during the past decade.

drummer Pete Thomas drummer Pete Thomas
keyboardist Steve Naive
EC and the Imposters
bassist Davey Faragher

EC and The Attractions

The original Attractions, back in the late '70s


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